About Us

Our company, Abreu Sharp Products, initially created Checkpoint Wristbands as a way to help keep children safe if lost or with a medical emergency. The product has expanded to also provide comfort to the elderly, appropriate care information to injured athletes, and peace of mind to travelers and pet owners.

The idea came to one of the co-founders when he attended a large arena event with his two grandchildren. “This event that we attended had over 50,000 people, parents, and children. I spotted a couple of kids who were lost, that security was trying to help locate their parents. The sight of those crying, terrified kids really made me think that there had to be something of value to help in these situations. I later discovered, that the only products on the market were tiny wristbands, that held a slip of paper, written with a pen! I knew right then there had to be a better way.”

Checkpoint Wristbands has gained interest and support from local senators, as well as several officials from different Autism organizations. Plus local government has mentioned the importance of our products. We are based out of beautiful, Rochester, New York. We are truly dedicated to our product and customers, and always welcome comments and suggestions.