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It is with heavy hearts that Checkpoint Wristbands announces that we are shutting down

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This past summer was amazing! We met some incredible folks that do so much ...

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New items (and fun) at the

Write By: wabreu - 02 Apr / 2014 Created Date: 2014-04-02 Published In: Press Hits: 3696 Comment: 10

Sidekick Series, an Autism safety product, combines QR code and text messaging technology. Parents or caregivers of children or young adults in the Autism spectrum have the power to customize the stickers with emergency contact information, medical conditions, and more.

Write By: bsharp - 12 Mar / 2014 Created Date: 2014-03-12 Published In: Self Posts Hits: 1019 Comment: 10

Right now, the per year average for reported deaths directly related from Alzheimer’s Disease stands at 83,000 people per year.

Write By: bsharp - 03 Feb / 2014 Created Date: 2014-02-03 Published In: Vendors Hits: 1264 Comment: 10

We are again very happy to announce a new instant identification wristband reseller!

Write By: admin - 28 Jan / 2014 Created Date: 2014-01-28 Published In: ROOT Hits: 1156 Comment: 10

Many sad stories have recently populated the news about missing children with Autism who have wandered away from their houses, schools, and caregivers.