Alzheimer’s death statistics; 83k to 500K!

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Right now, the per year average for reported deaths directly related from Alzheimer’s Disease stands at 83,000 people per year.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing this week, during a report from NBC news. Right now, the per year average for reported deaths directly related from Alzheimer’s Disease stands at 83,000 people per year. This statistic is truly sad, besides the fact that is on the rise each year. This horrific disease that steals loved ones minds, and truly obliterates families is currently ranked 6th on the list of reasons for death in America today.

According to a report by NBC, researchers at Rush University Medical Center of Chicago, discovered that thousands of death certificates were never given the exact or true cause of death by folks suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia related illnesses. The direct fact for these death certificates being chided is the fact that on most certificates they would list the direct cause (stroke, heart attack, sepsis, etc.), while not listing the overall cause…”due to Alzheimer’s”.

The researchers published their findings in the journal of Neurology on March 5th. Their study was conducted using a core group of about 2500 individuals that were over 65, and had agreed to donate their brains to study. Many participants developed a form of dementia during the study, which lasted over 8 years. 1090 died with 559 people being diagnosed with dementia that had shown no signs of the disease at the beginning of the study. The median age was 78.

Converting those numbers into today’s society on average, makes it very likely that the current number of deaths on America, per year that directly relates to a dementia based disease translates to 503,400 people! That ranks Alzheimer’s at #3, behind Heart Disease (#1 – 598,000) and Cancer (#2 – 575,000)!

It’s also disturbing to me that just a week ago, Seth Rogan was all but ignored by Congressional Senators when he tried to enlighten our government officials as to the shear destruction of Alzheimer’s to a loved one’s lives, as well as the massive numbers of folks suffering from this disease!

It is bad that statically, the government is not doing their job for recognizing the true severity that Autism is doing to families worldwide either! This disease alone, has been closing in on epidemic proportions. The only Senators that I’ve even seen attempt to address issues with Autism has been New York State Senator Chuck Schumer. Mr. Schumer back in November of 2013, began pushing for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to begin providing tracking devices to seniors that have severe dementia related disorders, to help in cases of wandering. In January of 2014, the Senator also asked that the DOJ begin considering using the same tracking devices to help kids with Autism that tend to flee. This push to help kids, was during the plight of Avonte Oquendo, who bolted from his school and was weeks later tragically discovered in the Hudson River. Kudos to Senator Schumer for doing his part.

The bottom line is the government can do more; should do more; and needs to be enlightened more. Between our societies’ senior citizen’s epidemic of dementia and our children’s alarming rate of Autism related disorders, people need to write their government representatives! Remember, Checkpoint Wristbands is here to help you and your loved ones that need protection, but our products can only do so much. We need the world’s governments to get involved more too!

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